Arklys Miniature American Shepherds

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Welcome to Arklys Miniature American Shepherds!

Our dogs are our family.

We show our dogs to prove their temperament and have their structure evaluated.

We love our dogs for their affectionate nature, their sense of humour and their amazing athleticism.

If you have any questions regarding our dogs and our breed please do not hesitate to contact us

At one time, Miniature American Shepherds would have been referred to as Miniature Australian Shepherds. To be registered with the CKC and AKC, breeders now register their dogs as Miniature American Shepherds. Miniature American Shepherds (or MAS) are fully recognized and have full registration with AKC and UKC, and are a listed Miscellaneous breed in CKC and receive certification.
This allows the breed to be shown in conformation and performance events in all 3 registries.

Arklys MAS are small at-home breeders who put the well being and health of our dogs first.

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Proud member of the Miniature American Shepherds of Canada club! 

The Miniature American Shepherd club recognizing and promoting the breed on Canadian soil and working towards recognition with the Canadian Kennel Club!